“Ben is the real thing. Like Elvis. Like Bjork. Like Glenn Gould or Nina Simone, he’s a truly original talent, burning bright as the sun. There’s just no one else like him.” Kramer (founder of Shimmy-disc)

“Ben Copperhead delves into the elements around us and projects them with a deeply reflective aural spirituality, resulting in what we can only describe as an intimately widescreen experience. …the overall sense is one of both immersion and omniscience, exultation and quietude” – Dave Cantrell, STEREO EMBERS

“SPB is excited to debut “Copperhead Vagabond,” the lead single from Ben Copperhead’s new album Wailing Viridescence, a layered new album of folk-inspired, experimental art-rock. – Loren Greene, SCENE POINT BLANK

“He is the master of creating strangely exciting and bizarrely beautiful work. ” – Kimberly Aguirre, GLASS FACTORY

“ the banjo visionary…with its tumbling banjo line and otherworldly electronics, sounds like some cool avant-garde marriage of Devo and the music of Appalachian mountain folk.” – Alana Harper, WNYC

“In Baby Copperhead’s hands, the banjo sounds otherworldly… After a couple tracks, you’ll wake up to the possibilities that [he] has just begun to harness.” – Paul Constant, THE STRANGER

“…full of Walt Whitman humanism and banjo-driven charm” – Simon Godly, God is in the TV

“Baby Copperhead, whose daring combination of banjo, loop pedals, and a voice straight out of some forgotten 60s folk album, is music to lull you away to a long summer evening under endless skies” – Rachel Brown, Narc Magazine UK

“banjo-wielding electronic experimentalist” – BBC

“His music is both expansive and intimate; his sound like nothing you’ve ever heard a banjo make but also like every melody your mother sang to lull you to sleep. ” – Rachel Kerr Deli Magazine

“Copperhead’s cover of David Bowie’s Ashes To Ashes I must add was one of the highlights of the evening, such the creativeness of both his playing and all-round energy.” – Dave Horsley, The Northern Echo

“[Baby Copperhead] showcases the ability of the Brooklyn-based singer-songwriter to create stirring, atmospheric music with traditional instruments and a classical arrangement.”- Benjamen Young, THE REVUE

“Songwriter and banjo virtuoso Baby Copperhead played haunting, ruminative tunes with precision. His plain dusky voice and odd banjo playing– vividly Appalachian, but with style of repetition that occasionally resembled an Indian raga…” – Will Robin, INDY WEEK

“New York needs more banjo virtuosos like Benjamin Lee, who takes the banjo off the front porch and into a new and beautiful universe” – THE FASTER TIMES

Local singer-songwriter Baby Copperhead seasons his rustic tunes with heady psych and prog –  TIMEOUT NY

“Backed with cello and swirling deep-space-style sounds, it’s one of the more interesting things I’ve ever heard a banjo be a part of….with low, careful vocals and tiptoeing, swelling loops, the sheer curiosity of it has a hypnotizing effect.” – THE STRANGER