Benjamin Brian Lee AKA Baby Copperhead is a New York City-based banjo player, guitarist, and composer. While building on his “otherworldly” folk roots, Lee explores a broken dissonant America, gathering repressed elements from our cultural past — the banjo’s African origins, polyphonic borrowings from 16th century European sacred music, avant-garde improvisations — combined with modern electronics, samplers, and handmade circuit-bent instruments.

Baby Copperhead’s collaborations include works with Eugene Chadbourne, Michelle Dorrance, Ed Askew, and Room 21 with Jace Clayton (aka DJ/rupture), a project that demonstrates Baby Copperhead’s ongoing interest in exploring the nexus of European classical, North African, and Central American traditions through the prism of folk music and pop culture. His other projects are The Zolephants, a protoplasmic punk/surf/spaghetti-western instrumental electric trio; and Baby Copperhead with strings, featuring Tom Swafford on violin, Jessica Pavone on viola, and Brent Arnold on cello.

He has toured throughout Europe, Asia, and North America, and continues to perform consistently in the New York City area.