Threes Brewing Brooklyn, NY +
333 Douglass St
Brooklyn, NY 11217

Baby Copperhead with strings: Jessica Pavone viola, Tom Swafford violin, Brent Arnold cello
plus sets by Ava Mendoza & Mike Gamble

Freddy's Bar Brooklyn, NY +
625 5th Ave
Brooklyn, NY

The Zolephants tour kick off with Woodsy Pride, Psychic Lines, Nixon Mask, Moonlight Pride

The Bridge (Zolephants & Woodsy SE tour) Charlottesville, VA +
The Bridge
Charlottesville, VA

The Zolephants & Woodsy Pride South East tour. Perform The Bridge in C'ville with locals, New Boss ( and Devon Sproule).

Full Steam Brewery Durham, NC +
Durham, NC

The Zolephants & WOodsy Pride tour

The Cave Chapel Hill, NC +
Chapel Hill, NC

The Zolephants & Woodsy Pride

PhilaMoca Philadelphia, PA +
531 N. 12th Street Philadelphia, PA 19123 Phone: 267-519-9651
Philadelphia, PA

The Zolephtans & Woodsy Pride